I am a Danish freelance illustrator and creative influencer currently located in the capital area of Denmark.

My early work was influenced a lot by Japanese pop culture which I discovered at a young age through comics. In more recent years, I've been very aware and curious about the direction of my style and therefore I evolved several drawing styles that I can switch between depending on the type of work I do or the mood I’m in.

My force is drawing female characters, especially combined with fantasy or sci-fi themes.

As much as I enjoy learning new things, I cannot wait to start sharing my knowledge and experiences with others. Therefore I am telling my story through a Youtube channel where I share drawing time-lapses, tutorials and general thoughts on art and life as an artist. I cannot help it - I am an artist and an entertainer!

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2020               MSi Gaming
2020               Noissue
2020               Corel Corporation / Painter
2020               Wacom
2020               Netflix
2020               CELSYS / Clip Studio Paint
2019-2020     Skillshare
2019-2020     XP-PEN
2019-2020     Wix.com
2019               Arteza
2019               Netflix Nordic
2019: Netflix Nordic / Stranger Things fanart exhibition / 1 piece featured
2020: Wacom Comic Week ft. Clip Studio Paint - Webinar on Animations in Comics


I'm currently working in Photoshop,

Clip Studio Paint, and Procreate.


I'm currently editing my videos in Adobe Premiere Pro as well as Adobe After Effects. I know the basics of Unity (from an artist's perspective). For vector art, I enjoy Adobe Illustrator.


I currently use a Wacom Cintiq Pro 16 with my computer and an iPad Pro (2017) with an Apple Pencil on the go.

Art by Nadia Axel | CVR: 39918447 | naddieaxel@gmail.com

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