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About Nadia Axel

I'm Nadia Axel - also known as Nadiaxel on Youtube. I am a Danish freelance illustrator and Youtuber located in the capital area of Denmark.

My early artwork was influenced a lot by Japanese pop culture which I discovered at a young age through comics. In more recent years, I've been very aware and curious about the direction of my style and have evolved several drawing styles that I can switch between depending on the type of work I do or the mood I’m in. I find it incredibly exciting to be able to draw very simplified and expressive cartoon characters one day, and elaborate semi-realistic illustrations the next.

Comics have always been one of my main sources of inspiration. I get spellbound by deep characters, a story that plays with your feelings, and twists no one saw coming. As much as I love designing characters and drawing illustrations, comics hold a special place in my heart and are an endless source of inspiration for me. I strive to knit the creation of comics more and more into my work - as personal projects as well as professional jobs.

I have always had a "secret" passion for video creation. Since I was young I was always obsessed with video cameras and creating narratives. Back in 2015, I tried, for the first time, combining illustrations with the video format and uploaded my very first drawing time-lapse on Youtube. By combining drawing and video, I found the perfect formula that would allow me to express myself. Today my Youtube community has grown to over 300.000 subscribers who love art (probably) as much as I do.

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As an artist who is 100% self-taught, I cannot even start to express my gratitude towards all the experienced artists who uploaded drawing tutorials in the very early years of Youtube. As I grew into a competent digital artist and my skills developed, I took it upon myself to help other aspiring digital artists get started on their journey. I want to contribute to the art community with guides and tutorials so I'm sure that the next generation of digital artists knows where and how to start their journey.


Just Damned Business

Even if you've only seen a fraction of my content, you'll know that I love demon characters. My favorite original characters have a comic of their own called Just Damned Business and you can read it right here on my website, or enjoy the vertical format over on WEBTOON.

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