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Who is Nadiaxel?

I'm a Danish artist currently located in the heart of Copenhagen.

My work is very influenced by manga and anime which I discovered at a young age. In the recent years, I've been very aware of my style and therefore evolved several drawing styles that I can switch between depending on the type of work I do.

I am always curious about techniques and styles and I feel like I'm evolving in new areas all the time.

As much as I enjoy learning new things, I cannot wait to start sharing my knowledge and experiences either. Therefore I manage a Youtube channel where I share drawing time-lapses, tutorials and general thoughts on art and life as an artist.




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I want to get into digital art - where do I start?

I will reccommand you start by getting a hold on a drawing tablet. I use a Wacom Cintiq 13HD display tablet, but my tablet is very expensive so for a beginner in digital art I always reccomend a cheaper Wacom like any of the Intuos models (they have a wide price range).

For drawing software I personally always preferred Photoshop to draw in and only tried Paint Tool SAI a little bit. Those are the two "main" painting softwares. I think, when you get a tablet, you should download both programs and try them for free for 30 days along with some youtube tutorials for each of them and see which software you like better.

Once you have a tablet, the first thing you should do is getting to know your tablet by just making a lot of sketches and generally trying out its functionality. When you think you have gotten used to how it works, a good technique to start learning is "blending". There are a lot of videos on this topic on youtube and you should be able to find them for both Photoshop and for Paint Tool SAI.


What tablet do you use?

I use a Wacom Cintiq 13HD. It is by far the most expensive art tool I have ever bought but it is also the best investment I have ever made. Ever since I got this tablet I have improved really fast. The reason I chose to get a tablet with a screen (display tablet) was because I never really got good with non-screen tablets. I found it very difficult to look in another spot than where my pencil was. I felt like some of my art style was lost in the transition - so I invested in a Cintiq and it is probably the best thing I ever did for my inner artist.



What software do you use to draw in?

I use Adobe Photoshop for PC.