Renewed brand!

A new website, new branding, new shop. New stuff everywhere!

First I'd like to thank you for taking your time to find your way to my blog and this very first entry. In the future, this blog will hold many helpful and inspirational posts for those that are or want to be artists themselves. Or maybe you genuinely just like to see what the heck I'm doing with some of my spare time :)

New website

My previous website was great! Although it did not have all the features I so desperately wanted so I went on a lookout for a new platform. About six months and a decent amount of late-evening coffees later I finally made the decision to leave my old host and sign up for this website. Now after working on the design for more than a month, it is finally launched and boy am I excited! I sincerely hope you will enjoy it as much as me!

New brand

You know I will always be me! And honestly, nothing has really changed on this website in regards of self-branding. All my social media, however, has been undergoing changes. My former pen name was AdlezAxel, a name I choose for myself many years ago in order to separate my artwork from my cosplay brand. My first artist name was Reegeta, which was way back more than 10 years ago. AdlezAxel was my cosplay name and somehow got attached to my artwork galleries as well. Pretty unintentional but it was nice to have one name instead of two. Later I would start using my real name Nadia Axel on my artwork, which sounds a lot like "Nadiaxel" when you say it out loud. It grew on me. In fact, it grew so much that I wanted to change my pen name once more and use something similar to my own name and that is why you will see Nadiaxel and Nadiaxel Art out there instead of AdlezAxel. And let's face it...Nadiaxel is just a little cuter than Nadia Axel ;)

New shop

This must be the milestone of the year. I opened a shop where you can get your hands on my drawings, prints, digital content and more. After investing in a professional photo printer and spending hours upon hours learning how to calibrate monitors for print, picking out the right paper and doing loads of test prints, it was finally time to open up that shop I had wanted for more than a year! I can't wait to start filling it up with my works.

So there it is! There are so many new things happening right now and I hope to bring you along on this exciting journey.

If you have any suggestions for interesting blog subjects, I will be very happy to hear them. Just throw your ideas in the comments below :)