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Commission info

If you want to hire me for a private/personal commission please read through this page to get an overview of my services and current rates.

About commissioning me


Before you order, please make sure to have read my Terms of Service further down below. These terms apply to private/personal commissions only. This information is NOT applicable for commercial work, therefore the art can only be used for the client’s personal purposes.

When I have commission slots open, you can use the form at the bottom of this page to order. Please be aware that the form is just sending me an e-mail with your commission request. Once I have received your e-mail I will get back to you with an estimate of the final price which you then agree upon. If I cannot take your commission for any reason I will let you know as well.

All prices below are base prices and include a single character. Things that might increase the price is complex character designs, not being able to provide a good visual reference, complex backgrounds, amount of detail in the image in general.


A portrait/bust commission crops the character around the neck/shoulder area depending on the individual character.

A simple background themed to the character comes with a portrait commission.

Additional character +$60

USD $100


A half-body illustration shows the character from the hip/knee-area and up. Half-body characters come with a background. Highly detailed background will increase the price.

Additional character +$80

USD $140

FULLBODY - detailed background

A detailed fullbody commission may include action poses, backgrounds, and advanced lighting.

Additional character +$100

USD $175

FULLBODY - simple background

A simple fullbody shows the character's entire body and includes only a very simple or no background at all.

Additional character +$75

USD $125


Request a Commission: