Freelance / contract work

I do various kinds of illustration work so don’t be afraid to ask regarding a specific task you need done. I can vary my style to fit different kinds of mediums and purposes.

Work I’m especially looking to do:

  • Graphic novels/comics

  • Comic strips (stationary as well as animated)

  • Bookcovers

  • Illustrations for books/magazines/blogs

  • Character design

  • Fantasy/sci-fi/cartoony themes in generel

What is the difference between my freelance work and my private commissions?

Private commissions are for regular people/fans who are looking to have their character/favorite character/themselves drawn. They cannot use the artwork commercially in any way and the prices are regulated accordingly. If you’re looking for anything else than a drawing of your character for your own personal enjoyment, please use the form below.

Let’s talk! For inquiries or questions, do not hesitate to use the form below (and feel free to write in Danish as well as English)

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