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Welcome to the demonic realm!

The home of Mocca and Daemon.

Read the two short comics "Demons can be such pranksters" and "Suit Up!" below, or scroll further into the world of demons and mischief.

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In the upper levels or the demonic realms, Mocca works at her father's insurance company as a hotshot employee. Being addicted to caffeine and not always playing by the book she climbed to the top floors of the company within months - being the fastest insurance consultant in the firm ever since her own father.

As an only child growing up without a mother, Mocca learned early to see the strength in the male race of demons, and found her own way to portrait said strength through her sometimes masculine fashion, attitude and methods.

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An insurance hotshot needs the best assistant the demonic realm can offer. Straight out of the lower levels of the demonic world comes Daemon, a mischievous and manipulative demon who never does anything halfway. Despite the boring tasks he has to do, he has a way to make his own fun.

Daemon is a vessel demon who at the moment occupies the body of a young boy from France who worked as a barista. As a catch, he also happens to be an axe murderer, playing tricks with Daemon's mind. Vessel demons need a bodily host to engage with the tangible world, and without one they live as mere shadows.

Mocca and Daemon live in the upper levels of the demonic realms.



Their world is much alike to ours with buildings, trains, coffee shops, and late-night shifts.

Mocca and daemon often ride the same train home together after a long day at work.

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