FREE Resources for Commission Artists

Updated: Jul 13, 2020

Getting started with commissions? Here's a big blog post with FREE resources and templates for you! You should also watch me two videos on how to get started with commissions as well as how to calculate your prices.

This post is a re-post of my original post from a year ago. During the repost, some of the info below has been updated.

Start by watching the above video I made if you haven’t already (^-^) The content below makes much more sense afterward. Anyway, here’s the mentioned blog post with free template text that you can use for your Commission Info page.

Where should I put my commission info?

If you have a website, I would suggest putting it there (like I did). But besides that, you should post it on the social media sites you are active on.

  • deviantArt: Create a journal entry called “Commission Info” . Update the same journal each time you make changes. You can choose to notify your followers of it or not. You can also upload a picture with all your info since you can easily replace image files on dA.

  • Youtube: Put a link to your commission info in the videos’ description. Since you cannot post photos in the description, it is not the best place to post your full info.

  • Instagram: There are a couple of ways you can go about here. Post your commission info over several Story-slides and pin them together as a group on your profile. Call it “Commissions” or something like that. If you have over 10.000 followers you can also attach a URL to your stories referring to your website/order form/dA or whatever is relevant for you. You can also post the link to your commission info on the profile itself. Or, you make regular multiple posts with all your info as images. It can be hard to fit terms and all your info in these small images, so maybe have the basics in the pictures and use your profile to link to the actual info page.

  • Tumblr: Same as deviantArt, basically. Post your info in a post and link to your post from your menu, so it as easily accessible.

  • Facebook: I would create a post with the categories of commissions I’m taking, and adding some text with the prices. Or, I would post the pictures into a gallery folder called “Commission Info”. However, I don’t find Facebook to be the best place to host commission info, so a link to your info page is probably better.

The following sections are template text that you can copy and use for your commission info page. Remember to alter it so that it fits you and the way you handle commissions. The text is divided into the following categories:

  • Status & Slots

  • Ordering & Payment

  • About commissioning me

  • Examples and Prices

  • Do’s and Don’ts

  • Terms of Service

NOTE: Within each section, I write a NOTE like this one, and you shouldn’t copy it - it’s just me explaining what you can do in this section ;P

Feel free to use it as you see fit for FREE and without needing to credit me. If you want to support me, leave a like and comment on the videos in this blog entry.

Template for "Status & Slots":

Status: OPEN/CLOSED/WAITLIST One commission equals one slot- so if one person orders three pieces, that person fills up three slots. If all slots are taken you can ask to be put on a waitlist.

Slot 1:

Slot 2:

Slot 3:

Slot 4:

Slot 5:

NOTE:  If you have the possibility to change text color, you can make “OPEN” green,CLOSED” red and WAITLIST some other color you like. Put as many slots as you are open to take. When someone takes your slot, put their username next to the slot or just write “TAKEN. Some artists also write what type of commission was ordered. 

Example:SLOT X: SKETCH - HALFBODY for Username”

Template for "Ordering & Pricing":

How to order:

Send me an email/PM/put your preference here Include the text form somewhere in the message and fill it with your order info:

GENERAL INFO: Your name: Your e-mail: Type/category of commission: How many characters: Any specific wishes/details you want included: Background:  CHARACTER(S) INFO: Character name: Character personality/description(s): Please give me everything you have on your character that you want me to have in mind when drawing them - also characters from series since I might not know them. You can also send me a youtube link to a video portraying the characters' personality. By sending this order I confirm that I have read and accept the terms of service for commissioning “ARTIST NAME”.

You can place multiple orders in one mail, just include the above info multiple times. Please include reference images of your character(s). If there is anything specific you would like me to get inspired from (e.g. environment for background or stock images for poses) please include them as well. If you cannot provide reference for the character (meaning you only have a text description), an additional +X$ will be added to the price. Send your order to youremailhere @ mail . com

Payment method:

Paypal only/Points/Bank transfer/Etc.

NOTE:  I use Paypal only! It is the most reliable international transfer service I have used so far. If you recieve domestic orders, you might want to consider the possibilities for domestic transfers as well. For instance; regular bank transfer.

Template for "About commissioning me"

Before you order, please make sure to have read my Terms of Service. These terms apply to private commissions only. This information is NOT applicable for commercial work, therefore the art can only be used for the client’s personal purposes.

All prices below are base prices. Things that might increase the price are complex character designs, number of characters, not being able to provide a good visual reference, complex backgrounds and amount of detail in the image in general.

NOTE: I added this section in the beginning of the page even though it might as well have been in my terms. A lot of people who have wanted to commission me wanted to use the art commercially, at which the price is significantly higher. So I put this here as a kind of disclaimer. Same goes for the price. I wanted to state early on, that there are certain factors that can affect the final price.

Examples and Prices

NOTE: List the type of commissions you will be taking. You can easily write out all the categories you plan to offer, even if you sometimes only open up for some of them. Be sure to notify in the “STATUS”-section which commissions you are open for. I cannot give you anything to copy and paste for this section, since it usually is very different depending on how you want to build up your categories. The following are pictures to inspire you to build your categories.

EXAMPLE 1: Each category is a “type of shading”; Sketch, Lined, Flat colors, full colors, etc (except for chibis that I only did in full colors).

NOTE: The images above are my old commission categories. Today I have divided the sections differently. Next time I update my info I might go back to this type of categorization. You don’t have to pick ONE way and stick with it. You are free to change things around every now and then so it always best fits how you take commissions at the given time. Also, sometimes renewing the look of your page is exciting to you and your clients.

EXAMPLE 2: Categorized after how much of the character’s body is in the image (cropping).


Additional Characters: +50% each

HALFBODY - $XX Additional Characters: +50% each


Additional Characters: +50% each

More on Pricing

The below video gives you an insight into how I calculate my rate and set prices for my commissions.

Additional stuff:

Other croppings to consider:

  • Thigh-up

  • Bust

  • Dynamic pose (is usually halfbody/fullbody)

  • Chibi

Other shadings to consider:

  • Colored sketch

  • Celshaded color

  • Black/White (B/W)

Other CATEGORIES to consider:

  • Comic pages

  • Character sheets

  • Animated art

  • Avatars

  • Pixel art

Some great commission info pages to give you inspiration and how they are using categorization (opens in new tab):