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5 Less Known Ways for Artists to Make Money (Resources)

5 Less Known Ways to Make Money as an Artist

In the video below, I'm presenting five (+1 bonus) less-known (or underrated) ways for artists to make money off of their art. Depending on your background as an artist, some of these ways may seem obvious, and others may discover new ways they can profit from their art. I'm giving a brief introduction with a few examples in the video.

  • Your Character Here (YCH) commissions

  • Adoptables

  • Artwork Licensing

  • Selling Assets

  • Online Tutorials/Courses

  • Bonus: Insights into your Art Process

This blog post is the collection of resources I have gathered and that I have been referring to during the video. If you want a brief presentation of the five less-known ways, give the video a watch!


Your Character Here (YCH) commissions


On Open/Closed Species specifically:

Selling through Auctions

Licensing Artwork

Selling Assets

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